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Mohammed Zamood Sabar 3rd Dan

President of United Martial Arts Academy (UMAA)

Chief Examiner North of England

My name is Mohammed Zamood Sabar I am a 3rd degree black belt and Chief Instructor of the United Martial Arts.

I started training in the Martial Arts at the age of 18. I always enjoyed playing sports and at a young age I was extremely competitive, Captain of the school Cricket team and Football team.

I started boxing when I was ten and trained for two years and it was not until my early teens that I discovered the Martial Arts after watching Enter the Dragon I was truly amazed at the speed and power of Bruce Leeís techniques. I started Kung Fu and trained for six months followed by Shotokan Karate for a year.

I discovered Taekwondo and was truly fascinated with the high explosive kicks and sparring. I competed for four years and remained undefeated in Nation points sparring winning numerous titles British, English, Welsh and North of England several times over.

I got my black belt 1st Dan in 1995 and decided to go into teaching promoting the Martial Arts I appeared in television, newspapers and martial arts magazines. At the age of 34 I consider myself to be 3rd generation student in Taekwondo since it originated in the United Kingdom. I have developed the training syllabus to meet the high expectations of the modern martial artist.

Martial Arts training in general has helped me in all aspects of my life. The discipline and focus I have attained while practising the Martial Arts has been phenomenal and enabled me to challenge myself both personally and professionally in life. I have come to appreciate the traditional aspect of martial arts but I am a fighter born and bread.

My ambition is to see the United Martial Arts grow to become the best and biggest organisation in the United Kingdom giving our members value, quality and balance in traditional and sporting elements of martial arts training.

If anyone out there wants to train in the Martial Arts I would say itís never too late if you are interested or have any questions just give us a call or send us an e-mail you are more than welcome.